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Monday, January 14, 2013

G Tube is in

Cliff got his g-tube put in today.  Here's his last picture with his ng (nasal) tube in.

All we had to do to get him to smile was tell him that we were taking the tube out of his nose.  Well, that and make funny faces, noises, and wiggle around with his cool new stuffed elephant toy that he got from the hospital today.  And although he is pretty groggy from the anesthesia and may not know it yet, we think this will go down as a great day for him.  

For starters, he has been congested almost the entire time since the ng (nasal) tube went in.  That seems to have caused him trouble breathing and sleeping comfortably.  As a result, Teri and I have had plenty of sleep deprived moments over the past couple of months.

Even just the short while immediately after the surgery seemed telling on what kind of effect this may end up having for Cliff.  Where we used to hear Cliff's constant congestion with nearly every breath and had to wipe snot away all the time, we didn't hear him once after his surgery.  And we never had to wipe a snotty nose after surgery.  He did seem to be itchy from the morphine they gave him, but some antihistamines seemed to take that away.  

Cliff definitely has some uphill battles ahead but this is at least one of them that he appears to have cleared successfully.  Now we'll see what tomorrow brings.  


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To everyone we offer a heartfelt thanks! We really, truly could not do this without you.

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